Student Award 2015

Winner of the PhD prize

Lin Zhang of the Center for Economics Research at the ETHZ, for his doctoral thesis:

„Essays on Energy Economics: Advanced Modelling Approaches and Policy Analysis“

Winner of the Master Thesis prize

Philipp Egli of the University of Bern for his master thesis:

„Applied Climate Economics: How climate policy reshapes the supply curve on wholesale power markets in Germany and Italy“

He attends the IAEE Conference in Bergen.

The other winner is

Maja Zarkovic of the ETHZ for her master thesis:

„Theory, practice and future of benchmarking in electricity distribution regulation: an important lesson for Switzerland“


Maja Zarkovic, Dr. Lin Zhang, Philipp Egli,  Daniela Decurtins (VSG), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Madlener (SAEE)

The SAEE would like to thank the VSG for their kind sponsoring of the 2015 Student Award