There are several ways to navigate through a ETH Website:

Main Navigation

The links to the main topics of the web site are contained in the three lines of the main navigation. Some of them are standard entries while others can be chosen freely. They are invariable within a web site.


The sub-navigation is situated in the first column of the content area and lists the site structure from the active main topic down to the currently displayed page, including all adjacent sub-topics and pages. The homepage (= starting page of a web site) contains an empty sub-navigation.


The breadcrumb navigation below the identity area lists the hierarchical structure starting from the ETH homepage down to the currently displayed page (without adjacent sub-topics). This is very useful e.g. when lost in a complex site structure.

Service Navigation

Links to particular, standardised pages and functions can be found in the service navigation in the third column. They include:

  • a search function
  • a help page
  • a contact page
  • a sitemap page, displaying a list of all pages with the corresponding authors and dates of last modification
  • a login function (in the case of password protected pages)

Page Functions, Language Switch

The functions Print page, Mail page, Page as PDF are operations specific to the displayed page. They can be accessed in the area below the service navigation. If a page is available in other languages, the specific switch or switches are situated there as well.