FAEE Spring Workshop 2010

Spring workshop of the French Student Chapter

May 3, 2010, Université Paris-Dauphine


IAEE French and Swiss Student Chapters Initiative for Common Workshops in 2010

This new initiative was created in order to improve the links between IAEE student chapters and to promote a closer collaboration in the areas of energy and climate change within the EU; to ease the contact between European PhD students in order to foster future links and collaboration; to allow PhD students to present their works/projects and give them the possibility to improve their research thanks to the obtained feedback and remarks of professors and representatives from major firms and organizations in the area of energy and climate. Directly inspired by the FAEE PhD students seminar, this initiative organizes a common seminar twice a year: the first in spring in Paris, and the second in autumn in Zurich.

The first seminar, held in Paris, at Université Paris-Dauphine on May 3, 2010, was organized around six presentations. The morning presentations were dedicated to energy issues and the afternoon session focused on renewable energy and carbon markets. Around twenty attendees were present, including professors and PhD students from different universities.

The „guests“ from the Swiss student chapter, Florian Kienzle and Thomas Geissmann, presented their works on “Location-Dependent Valuation of Energy Hubs with Storage in Multi-Carrier Energy Systems” and “Technical and economic analysis of a solar thermal power plant in Switzerland”. 

The other presented topics were as follows: “Interdependence of electricity markets, energy policies and non cooperation costs in EU”, by Morgan Villette (Université Paris–Dauphine, CGEMP); “Will more competition at the retail level of the European natural gas industry necessarily drive down prices for final consumers?”, by Bertrand Charmaison (Toulouse School of Economics); “Impacts of oil product demand and CO2 price uncertainties on investment in biomass pre-treatment units to supply second generation biofuel units: the French case study”, by Elodie Lecadre (IFP and Université Paris Ouest Nanterre); “Burden Sharing: Estimating Global Demand and Supply Flows of Carbon Emission Reductions for 2020 and 2050 , by Iva HRISTOVA (Université Paris–Dauphine, CGEMP).

There were interesting and enriching exchanges and we hope that this is just the beginning of an enriching collaboration between European student chapters.