6th SAEE Student Chapter Workshop 2014

ETH Zürich, CLA J1, Friday, October 17, 2014


Download the workshop program.

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Aim of the Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to give PhD and master students in energy economics the opportunity to present their work, i.e. “work in progress”, master theses, dissertations, and PhD papers. Furthermore, the collaboration with the French student chapter allows the knowledge exchange and interaction on European level. The topics for the presentations can be of theoretical or empirical nature and can, among others, address the following aspects:

1. Cross-sector aspects

  • Investments in transmission and distribution networks
  • Pricing schemes for ancillary services
  • Smart Grid and Super Grid economics
  • Regulation and liberalization of the energy sector
  • Risk management in energy trading
  • Demand side management
  • Global warming economics and emission trading
  • Strategic aspects and social acceptance of security of supply
  • Energy related Corporate Sustainability

2. Analysis of sector-specific aspects and case studies

  • Energy markets (electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, etc.)
  • Renewable energies (potentials, technology, economic aspects)

3. Innovative technologies economics

  • Hydrogen economy (production, distribution, economic viability, etc.)
  • Electrification of transportation
  • Innovations in energy technology (power plants, etc.)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage